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Lake Life

I've never really given lakes a chance. Before moving to New Mexico I called Washington State home. Fishing the Washington trout lakes is wildly popular with local anglers, but I had steelhead tunnel vision and never took advantage of the state's array of diverse fishing opportunities. Growing up on the East Coast, fly fishing trout lakes isn't too popular given a lack there of. Side note, my first trout was caught on power bait in Lake Fairfax but I digress.

Recently I've fallen in love with lakes, have long ditched the power bait, and come to realize what I've been missing out on. I've owned a drift boat for awhile and it recently occurred to me I should put it on a lake. Fishing from a boat has changed the game. I was able to get out with Norm Maktima who enlightened me to "loch style" fishing techniques and how truly deadly they can be.

Stay tuned as I dive further and further down the rabbit hole.

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