• James Garrettson

California Show Notes 2/11-2/20 2020

4 Variables to consider before you start your day

1) Water : Flow, Temperature, Color

2) Weather: Warming vs. Cooling trends, Season

3) Trout Behavior: Cold blooded, Holding vs. Transitional Water, Pre vs Post Spawn Behavior.

4) Angling Pressure : High Pressure vs Low Pressure Fisheries, Angling Pressure Impact on Trout


West Side SnowTel

How to Read A USGS Stream Flow Gauge.

California USGS

California Dream Flows

Trout Behavior

Stocked Trout vs Wild Fish

Rigging Up

Consider mass in terms of bead size.

A blog post I did for FullingMill on the subject of basing fly choice on bead size.

Nymphing Rigs

Favorite all around tippet 5.5x FullingMill Master Class Fluorocarbon

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