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Guide Flies: The Milk Man

One of the questions most asked when guiding is, "what are we using?". Every guide has their confidence flies, I hope to share mine with you throughout the year with this "guide flies" series. Currently around the Rockies, rivers are coming down after snowmelt has caused the annual runoff. For this time year I turn to the milk man. Originally tied by Fulling Mill's Eric Kelley, this fly has quickly become a top producer in my ever evolving fly rotation. The milk man is a great attractor seemingly looking like nothing and everything all at once. The white bead really makes it pop in stained water, and shows the fish something different in clear water/ pressured conditions. Eric originally tied his milk man on a tiemco 2499-SP, a short shank wide gap hook. I like mine tied on Fulling Mill's jig force hook, typically in a #14 with a 2.8mm slotted tungsten bead. Give the milk man a shot in stained or clear water. I know it will become an instant favorite for you.


Hook: Fulling Mill Jig Force Hook #14

Bead: Fulling Mill Tungsten Slotted 2.8mm

Thread: UTC 70 Fl. Fire Orange

Rib: Wapsi Wire Size Brassie, Sculpin Olive

Flash Back: Medium Opal Mirage Tinsel

Thorax: Hares Ear Dark Dubbing

Legs: India Hen

Thorax: Squirrel Dub

Collar: UTC 70 FL. Fire Orange

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