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James Garrettson was quickly consumed by fly fishing after receiving a copy of the Curtis Creek Manifesto at age 10.  At 14 years old, James' passion for fly fishing landed him a job at Orvis Tysons Corner, store #55  (making him the youngest employee in the company). After cutting his teeth on brookies in Shenandoah National Park and striped bass in the Long Island sound, James expanded his boundaries to chase fish around the East Coast, the Pacific North West, Costa Rica, Bosnia, and the Rockies. James currently calls Northern New Mexico home and primarily guides the San Juan River, as well as the Chama, and Conejos (private) rivers. It is hard to get to know someone by reading a bio and you are really missing out on some top-shelf Dad Jokes, so please reach out via email or call so we can begin planning your next fishing adventure. James is currently an Echo Pro Team member and an Ambassador for Fulling Mill.

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